Meet the band


Angela Hehr – Vocals & Guitar

Angela has been playing music since she was a kid along side her father. She decided to make it her full time profession 7 years ago and has never looked back! She has become a permeant fixture at local pubs around Victoria, regularly packing dance floors every weekend. Her stage presence, captivating nature, and powerhouse vocals keep audiences coming back for more.

D’Arcy Ladret – Bass & Background Vocals 

D’Arcy and Angela have been playing together for 5 years, and their sibling-like chemistry is obvious on stage. He is known for his killer bass lines and matching his Chuck Taylor’s to his bass.  Outside of playing with Angela, every Halloween, he takes on his true persona as Gene Simmons in a KISS tribute band.

Tyler Lieb – Lead Guitar & Keyboard 

Tyler has traveled the world playing guitar as a musician on cruise ships. He has now settled down in Victoria with his wife. His talent truly shines during his solos where he electrifies audiences with his incredible skills.

Jill Cooper – Drums & Vocals 

Jill is an accomplished singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and looping specialist. She is a powerhouse on her ruby red drum set, and surprises audiences when she takes on lead vocals simultaneously. Outside of playing with Angela, she is working on her second EP that will be released soon on iTunes.